When I journey to the spirit world to work with you I’m able to perform faster, stronger, deeper treatments that are not only more effective but also more convenient for my clients. This means that whether you’re in America or Australia, my guides and I can work with you while you’re awake or asleep, whether that be taking the weight of the world off your shoulders or removing past or present life traumas, fears and blocks. 

What you will receive post session is a detailed synopsis of what transpired in our treatment, which guides we worked with, any insights gained, the healing work that was done and any messages I’ve been asked to pass on to you.

Post-treatment all I ask is that you do is remain hydrated as the energy continues to work its way through you.

If you'd like more information on our healings, please visit the video below.

If absent healing has sparked your interest, but you are unsure whether it would work for you, get in touch with me via:

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Healings are completed within 3 full business days of receiving the order. However, if I am able to work with you earlier than this I will.

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