Adulthood not the party you imagined?

Got some emotional baggage or trauma weighing you down? 

Fantasize about buying a plane ticket to Mauritius and never coming back? 

Feeling more fuck off than fuck yeah about your career or love life?

Desperate for change, but don’t know where to start? 

Courtney’s deep healing sessions have removed blocks that I have been trying to dissolve for 8 years, (that others were unable to touch). I feel blessed to have finally found Courtney and privileged that she is in my life.
— Karen, USA


Just as we have specialists in the real world, spirits are specialists too. My team specialise in everything from anxiety, entity and curse removal to amplifying your confidence, creativity and courage. 

I spent years honing my problem solving skills working as a strategist for some of the world’s top brands. I got to where I wanted to be on the corporate ladder and still dreaded Mondays like so many people I see now. These days, instead of meeting my colleagues in the boardroom, I meet them in another realm where we work with people’s spiritual bodies to remove all the things standing in the way of who they want to be.

We help people to realise their potential, and I give them the strategy, solutions and support needed them to get there. We see people go from stuck to excelling, from waiting for life to be over to being excited about what’s to come. All thanks to the magic combination of healing the body and having the support and systems in place to reach the destination. Change can be challenging, but it’s a whole lot easier when you’ve got the right people supporting you.

Courtney really does work to the mantra ‘anything is possible’ and will find a solution, whatever it takes.
— Laura, Australia


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I’ve spent years working with different healers and life coach/therapists, however, the speed & success that I have had pushing through past fears and emotions with Courtney, has been remarkable – she is unlike any other.
— Megan, UK


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Intelligent, extremely talented in her field, is hugely respected by her colleagues and, to top it off, the client’s love her. It’s refreshing to work with someone so talented that doesn’t have an ego to match.
— Sarah, Australia


“There aren't enough words to describe how incredible it is to work with Courtney! I reached out because my heart knew I needed healing and direction in my life's purpose. And let me tell you that Courtney and her spirits truly delivered in spades. Before working with her, I struggled with confidence in my business and in myself. I didn't speak up for my needs and I started feeling like I wasn't capable of being on this particular path I had chosen. I received guidance, direction and healing all in one session, and to me, that's actual gold! I don't feel the constricting pain in my throat any longer (which is something I've dealt with my entire life) when it comes to speaking my truth or when dealing with confrontation. I'm so flippin' confident in the direction of my life because I received the reassurance I needed and guidance on what to do if I start feeling lost. Courtney and her spirits are a gift in my life and I'm so grateful for the healing I've received! I will 100% be back again because I'm so impressed with the confidence, love, and light that she's gifted my life!”
- Ashley Mondor, USA

”Be prepared to be surprised, stunned, amazed and literally blown away. I have been on a huge spiritual journey in the last 18 months and really finding my path. My session with Courtney has taken me to another level! I did not have any idea of what to expect at all. I had heard about Courtney through Soulshine Astrology who I love and was listening to their podcast – this interview convinced me to give this a go as I felt that it could make some wonderful changes in what was holding me back from livening the life I love.

I truly believe that it was a pivotal change, I am so clear on my future and what my purpose is. After much stress with my family, I had relied on alcohol to get me through my days. I have not opened any wine for the last two weeks and all other vices have dropped away. I really feel so very clear and not in need of any. My Inner Critic has been silenced and I feel lighter and a real fire in my belly. I know that I will go back to Courtney to get my tune-ups just like getting a massage when needed. Seriously I am so happy with what you are able to do, you truly give amazing service to much-needed humans like me.”
- Kylie Michelle – Let’s Be Real, Australia

I have been biting my nails and cuticles for as long as I can remember. My fingers were always red raw and quite often bleeding. The few times I had managed to stop biting them lasted about a month and back I would go, tearing them apart. It felt big, like it was impossible to stop - I was a nail biter and would be forever. Most of the time i didn't even realise i was doing it. Courtney told me she had never had someone ask to clear this particular issue previously but she was willing to give it a go. 

Well, a month on and my hands look and feel sooo nice. The muscle memory of putting my hand to my mouth is slowly fading, and i have no interest in biting or picking at my hands. It is such a relief and at the same time so freaking amazing, that I have a hard time believing that this is the new me. But it feels right and good and ooooh, if its this easy to move through stubborn chronic blocks everyone needs to be making an appointment with Courtney, like right now!”
- Amber, Australia

“Far out Court, what a journey!  I think back to all the highs and the lows I experienced over the last 3 months, to where I am now.  I asked for confidence and you guys gave me confidence unleashed!  It's like everything was thrown in the air, cleared and came back down through a funnel of complete clarity, focus and purpose.  You guys absolutely nailed it, I've loved every moment working with you and can't wait for the next chapter! Yes!” 

- Elle, Australia

“I engaged with Courtney earlier this year very sceptical about being "healed" spiritually. This is something that I have never done and had always relied on medication to help with my anxiety. I had a session with Courtney and after a few days, not only had my anxiety downgraded from severe to mild, it had helped with many other aspects of my mental health. It has been a few months now since my healing session with Courtney and I still feel light, no panic and a sense of calm that I have not experienced in such a long time. No more medication! Was a huge sceptic, now a real believer of the power of spiritual healing. Can't thank you enough for your gift Courtney!”

- Olivia, USA

“When puberty hit, my child developed some serious difficulties with anxiety and depression and to be honest, I was worried sick. Medication, supplements and counselling could only take him so far and I could see that he was still held back, living a half-life that was severely impacted by fear that he could not control. Not wanting that for him and having experienced so much wonderful success from Courtney and her team myself, we decided to try some healing sessions. The results were and continue to be amazing. My husband and I frequently comment to each other that we feel like we've got our boy back. He has regained some motivation, has no issue with doing things that previously were impossible for him, is happier and amazingly, he is increasingly carefree. I was moved to tears when I realised that there was real hope in the treatment that he'd received and that on the cusp of young adulthood, his life didn't need to be stunted by the difficulties that had plagued him rather he could be free, truly free to explore the full possibilities of life. The post-healing emails from Courtney and her team were so special for our son to receive, it's an incredible gift to feel truly 'seen' and I believe that he now understands more fully, the support that is available to him and the real difference that it can make, should he need it again. After all, we all need a little hope don't we. If you have a teenager and they are stuck, I'd really recommend that you give this a go. The fact that they don't have to go anywhere or do anything, except drink water makes this treatment so appealing and the benefits will blow your mind.”
- Lucy, USA

”Courtney’s creative thinking, business expertise, positive can-do attitude and drive as a strategist made her an absolute pleasure to work with and learn from. She continually delivered amazing results and went above and beyond in providing exceptional service and support.”
Rob, Australia

”Courtney’s healings have helped me to let go of emotional pain and anxiety and physically relieved fatigue and digestive problems. It really has been amazing to see the difference that one healing can have. Thank you so, so much Courtney and your spirit guides.”
- Sam, Australia

"Unique, utterly gifted and super down to earth. Courtney GETS human struggle, and she will help you in ways you can’t even anticipate. Having done the big corporate job, and had her life turned upside down to become a scribe for Krishna, she is a sage when it comes to personal transformation. Her deep healing sessions, have removed blocks that I have been trying to dissolve for 8 years, (that others were unable to touch). I feel blessed to have finally found Courtney and privileged that she is in my life. You will not be disappointed!  - Karen, USA

“Courtney is an outstanding individual. Not only incredibly intelligent and proactive in solving client issues, but truly fun. She's operating at a higher level than most normal human beings. In chaos, she's calm, in life, she's brilliant.”
- Lisa, Australia

”I have been working with Courtney for a while now and she is absolutely brilliant. Her healing sessions are spot on and she just gets me! She is the most wonderful person and a very gifted healer.” - Lauren, Australia

There are a lot of people in this world right now, but none of them have the experience to look at business strategy and overlay that with something that actually is focused on changing real behaviour. She is a complete star. The key to great work is surrounding yourself with people smarter than you, Court is one of those.” - Jon, Australia

”She always knows what to do and has a way with words. She is a great mentor and, to top it all off, owns a stunning personality.” - Anna, Australia

"I met Courtney at a time where I was at a crossroad and needed to make a few big decisions in my life. I knew something had to change, but my fears were holding me back. Working with Courtney over the past two months has helped me fast track discovering my higher purpose, trust my intuition & find the answers and direction I needed." - Julia, Australia

”Courtney is the quintessential professional. She takes things in her stride and in turn calms others around her.” - Jihee, Australia

”Through my current cancer journey I have had medical experts on my side, I have also looked to some alternative treatments. I cannot recommend Courtney and her healings enough. Not only am I noticing huge benefits from my healings with Courtney, physically, mentally and spiritually. My medical team have commented on how great I am responding to treatment.” - Suzanne, Australia

”Warm, funny and as bright as a button, it's been an absolute pleasure to work with Courtney. Whilst focused and driven, Courtney has balanced the role of strategist with team leader and team mate fantastically. It's been wonderful to watch her team and colleagues shine under her influence.” - Katya, Australia

”I feel very fortunate to work with Courtney who is equal measures of skilled strategist and quirky creative; a rare find. Courtney has an ability to dream creatively but to also critique a big idea or concept against consumer and market truths. This skill makes her a very valuable addition to any team. Courtney really does work to the mantra ‘anything is possible;’ and will find a solution, whatever it takes.” - Laura, Australia