Adulthood not the party you imagined?

Got some emotional baggage or trauma weighing you down? 

Fantasize about buying a plane ticket to Mauritius and never coming back? 

Feeling more fuck off than fuck yeah about your career or love life?

Desperate for change, but don’t know where to start? 

Courtney’s deep healing sessions have removed blocks that I have been trying to dissolve for 8 years, (that others were unable to touch). I feel blessed to have finally found Courtney and privileged that she is in my life.
— Karen, USA


Just as we have specialists in the real world, spirits are specialists too. My team specialise in removing everything from anxiety, entities and curses to amplifying your confidence, creativity and courage. 

I spent years honing my problem solving skills working as a strategist for some of the world’s top brands. I got to where I wanted to be on the corporate ladder and still dreaded Mondays like so many people I see now. These days, instead of meeting my colleagues in the boardroom, I meet them in another realm where we work with people’s spiritual bodies to remove all the things standing in the way of who they want to be.

We help people to realise their potential, and I give them the strategy, solutions and support needed them to get there. We see people go from stuck to excelling. From waiting for life to be over to being excited about what’s to come. This is all thanks to the magic combination of healing and having the support and systems in place to reach the destination. Change can be challenging, but it’s a whole lot easier when you’ve got the right team supporting you.

Courtney really does work to the mantra ‘anything is possible’ and will find a solution, whatever it takes.
— Laura, Australia


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I’ve spent years working with different healers and life coach/therapists, however, the speed & success that I have had pushing through past fears and emotions with Courtney, has been remarkable – she is unlike any other.
— Megan, UK


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It’s refreshing to work with someone so talented that doesn’t have an ego to match.
— Sarah, Australia


”Courtney’s healings have helped me to let go of emotional pain and anxiety and physically relieved fatigue and digestive problems. It really has been amazing to see the difference that one healing can have. Thank you so, so much Courtney and your spirit guides.”
- Sam, Australia

“From the beginning my interactions with Courtney were both professional and genuine. She is across the world from me but yet I could feel her comforting energy across the oceans. Her healing impacted me quickly and helped me feel lighter than I have in a very long time. Her guidance from her guides helped me feel connected to who I really am and brought me to tears. I have already felt a huge transformation in both my personal life and my healing business.” 

- Kylie, USA

“I engaged with Courtney earlier this year very skeptical about being "healed" spiritually. This is something that I have never done and had always relied on medication to help with my anxiety. I had a session with Courtney and after a few days, not only had my anxiety downgraded from severe to mild, it had helped with many other aspects of my mental health. It has been a few months now since my healing session with Courtney and I still feel light, no panic and a sense of calm that I have not experienced in such a long time. No more medication! Was a huge skeptic, now a real believer of the power of spiritual healing. Can't thank you enough for your gift Courtney!”
- Olivia, USA

“No words will ever even begin to describe the beauty of Courtney’s work, yet here I try to convey that which cannot be conveyed! Mere minutes after my healing I felt my life changing. I thought I saw the beauty of the world, but my eyes had not yet seen. Courtney gifted me with presence. After 25 years of trying to force presence into my life, it flows to me effortlessly. She found my wisdom, my trust, my inner knowing, and brought it to the surface for me. I watch as attachments dissolve around me, something I have struggled with my entire life. Without them I catch glimpses of the truth of what Earth and humanity has to offer. These glimpses multiply with every breath I take. A monetary value cannot be attached to what Courtney offers. What you receive for such a small fee is infinitely more powerful than what you give up. I lose my words smiling of the gift she has given me, and I hope every human walking this Earth gets to experience what Courtney and her guides have journeyed here to give.”

- Sydney, USA

“Far out Court, what a journey!  I think back to all the highs and the lows I experienced over the last 3 months, to where I am now. I asked for confidence and you guys gave me confidence unleashed!  It's like everything was thrown in the air, cleared and came back down through a funnel of complete clarity, focus and purpose. You guys absolutely nailed it, I've loved every moment working with you and can't wait for the next chapter! Yes!” 
- Elle, Australia

"Unique, utterly gifted and super down to earth. Courtney GETS human struggle, and she will help you in ways you can’t even anticipate. Having done the big corporate job, and had her life turned upside down to become a scribe for Krishna, she is a sage when it comes to personal transformation. Her deep healing sessions, have removed blocks that I have been trying to dissolve for 8 years, (that others were unable to touch). I feel blessed to have finally found Courtney and privileged that she is in my life. You will not be disappointed! 
- Karen, USA

“Courtney is an outstanding individual. Not only incredibly intelligent and proactive in solving client issues, but truly fun. She's operating at a higher level than most normal human beings. In chaos, she's calm, in life, she's brilliant.”
- Lisa, Australia

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