"I couldn’t recommend Courtney enough... she’s magic in more ways than one. I feel blessed to have found her."

— Jess, Australia

"Courtney is really awesome, she is very easy to talk to and very helpful. She goes above and beyond to help people. The guidance is really in depth and bring a lot of clarity! I highly recommend if you are feeling at all lost or to just know where you are at. I'm super grateful!" 

- Kaitlin, United States

"The messages received have answered many questions in my mind and given me a clearer view of my path in this life. I am now hopeful that the world can be a better place, we just need to wake up and take responsibility for our actions before it's too late. Thank you Courtney for being the guiding light that we all need here on this Earth." 
- Chelsea, Australia
"I highly recommend Courtney! I've had an amazing healing session with her. I've carried a painful experience around with me for years, it tainted a lot of what I did in my early 20. I've travelled the world and could only remember the pain. After Courtney's session, I'm able to review my photos and remember the great times I had! I feel lighter and happier! Thank you, Courtney!" 
- Juanita, Australia
"Courtney is the real deal, a good human with incredible integrity. Thank you for embracing what you are capable of Court."
- Katherine, Australia
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