Welcome to my 3 month coaching program. For 2 hours per week over a total of 13 weeks, you’ll have the dedicated attention of myself and my spirit guides as we throw everything we’ve got at helping you smash your goals and get you to where you need to be.

Part coaching/strategy session, part healing and guidance, every week we’ll work to remove any blocks stopping you from achieving your highest good and strengthening you so you are the unstoppable badass you need to be.

Combining my years of experience as an expert problem solver and strategist for global brands with the thousands of years of experience of my guides who are master healers and oracles, you’ll have the best of both worlds (literally). In life it’s rare to have someone 100% focussed on your growth. We are that team and we will give you that focus and support.

This program is perfect for those who lack direction, but also for those who know where they are going but are looking for an edge.

Available via Skype, phone or email depending on how you’d like to work.

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”If you want to live your best life, investing in yourself & your personal growth is so important. I’ve spent years working with different healers and life coach/therapists, however the speed & success that I have had pushing through past fears and emotions with Courtney, has been remarkable – she is unlike any other… with her help I can’t wait to see where this next chapter in life takes me!”

Megan, UK

"I met Courtney at a time where I was at a crossroad and needed to make a few big decisions in my life. I knew something had to change, but my fears were holding me back. Working with Courtney over the past two months has helped me fast track discovering my higher purpose, trust my intuition & find the answers and direction I needed to be brave enough to step back onto the right life path."
Julia, Australia

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