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When I was young, I suffered severely with asthma and spent a lot of time in hospital.

This is me during most of my childhood… with my nebuliser mask on.

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One night Mum and Dad took me to dinner at a family friend’s place and while we were there I suffered an asthma attack. Normally this meant a swift trip to the hospital, however, this friend offered to put her hands on my chest. She was a reiki master.

Instantly my asthma calmed, without strong medication.


It was practically the next day Mum and Dad enrolled my sister and I in a reiki course and I have never looked back.

What that night helped me realise was that I had power over my health and how I lived my life. No longer was I at the mercy of this illness that constricted my lungs, I had power over it and that changed everything.

Btw, I’m not saying that ‘Reiki’ and other forms of energetic healing are the dark side, I just enjoy theming my blog posts and today happens to be a Darth Vader kind of day.

Btw, I’m not saying that ‘Reiki’ and other forms of energetic healing are the dark side, I just enjoy theming my blog posts and today happens to be a Darth Vader kind of day.

As human beings, the problem most of us have is that our minds are closed off to non-traditional healing. We just accept that our minds and bodies are just the way they are. For better or for worse, what we have is what we have. This is not the case though. Just as playdough is malleable, so are we, we just need the right help to shift what we face on a daily basis.

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Since I discovered reiki at 14, I have gone on to become a reiki master, but I’ve also been privileged to study various other kinds of energy work through other healers (not on this plane).

What I have come to learn and understand is our own potential to heal is limitless and the healing energy the universe can provide us is limitless. We do not need to accept the physical, mental or emotional ailments we have. What we must accept is nothing is set in stone.

luminous 2.gif

The reason I love working with people as a healer is seeing the results people can achieve. Results they would never have thought possible. I think often we don’t know what has been weighing us down until that weight has been released. It’s only then we can feel free.

If we can be open-minded to the powers that surround us and to the people who can help lift that load, our own universe can become a very different place quite quickly.

the force.gif

Just as that reiki master helped me realise that with the right help I could heal myself, I hope you can realise this too. The reality you know now does not need to be the reality you face tomorrow. You just need to use the force.

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There are healers from all walks of life all around the world who can help you. Find one you resonate with and ask them questions about what they do and how they work.

If I can leave you with 3 pieces of advice to consider:

  1. Get to know your dark side
    You’ve got to know your Darth to find your inner Yoda.
  2. Know that ‘the force’ is mysterious
    Be ok with not knowing or understanding how certain healing methods work. Life is mysterious and if you’re getting benefits, amazing! Just accept that.
  3. Trust
    Trust that there are people who can help you. You just need to find them and be open enough to tell them what you are facing.

Embrace your dark side, embrace the possibility of change and see what wonders ‘the force’ can bring you.

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Courtney Beck is an author, channel and healer who was always drawn to the dark side as a child, but ended up fighting for the light. She offers channeled spiritual guidance and absent healing for those seeking the force. You can find her here:



Hey friends!

I need your help, please.

In June 2017, I self-funded and released my first book, Conversations with Krishna which has had 5-star reviews. By December 2017/January 2018 I am hoping to release my 2nd book, Conversations with Krishna: Awakened Souls

Where Conversations with Krishna is a manual for life on Earth, Awakened Souls is all about you, the path to enlightenment and how to reach your highest potential. With never seen before chapters, Awakened Souls is the 2nd beautiful and life-changing text from Krishna. 


  • In December 2016 I walked away from a successful and busy strategy career working with local and global brands to invest my time and skills into helping people. Brands are great, but people are way more amazing. This decision has made me 100% happier and more fulfilled, but definitely not rich. 
  • The book publishing process isn't cheap. Time writing means time not getting paid. There's also editing, cover design and the versions it takes to get it to the final proof. Not to mention marketing so that people know it exists. Conversations with Krishna cost me thousands to write, prepare, release and promote and I did it on a bare bones budget. Due to my career change and #life, unfortunately, I don't have the cash this time around. 
  • Krishna's teachings are special and anyone who has read Conversations with Krishna can tell you that. This 2nd book is absolutely magical and after 112 chapters of writing and being so close to completion, I don't want it sitting on my laptop. I want it out in the world, but I need your help! 
  • Conversations with Krishna (book 1) is still in its infancy and my marketing budget is the equivalent of a couple of cups of coffee a week which is nowhere near enough to give it the push it needs to fly. 

My goal in life is to use everything I know and have experienced to help more people realise their dreams. This work is really important to me. So whether you love Conversations with Krishna or you just want to throw your support behind someone ballsy (and crazy) enough to believe they can make a difference in this world, please donate. Your support means the world to me and in moments of doubt when I think 'Maybe I'll just go back to strategy', it's the encouragement of my friends, family and colleagues that keeps me going. 

The more support I have the faster I can get this amazing book off my laptop and out into the world! 

If you'd like to secure of digital copy of Awakened Souls, or just throw a few dollars towards helping me publish the book, you can donate to my GoFundMe here

Big love and thank you,

Court x


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I used to hate Mondays and then I realised why. I hated my job.

Hate is of course a strong word and one that my Mother told me never to use, but my dislike of the work I did prior to spiritual life was pretty strong.

Walking into work on a Monday was more like this…

walking into monday.gif

Than this…


And by the end of Monday my brain was more blowtorch to the head…

my brain.gif

Than funky, relaxed, satisfied dancing on my way home.

more dancing.gif

The problem I faced for many years was instead of acknowledging my growing dissatisfaction with my work or enquiring more into it, I chose to keep hoping everything would get better on its own.

I thought, maybe just one more promotion, a bit more money or another holiday would fix the hole inside of me. When really, I should have just run.


Today I want to share four pieces of advice I wish I could have given myself 5 years ago that may have meant I found career happiness a whole lot sooner.

    Sometimes it’s not about looking for a new job, it’s about looking for a new life. Where a minor update might not cut it, a major overhaul might. Be prepared to do whatever it takes to find your fire again. Even if everyone around you thinks you’re crazy.
I am the one who knocks.gif

If your ship is going down, don’t just sit there and go down with it. Jump and swim! The only person who suffers in a bad career is you. Get out before the ship (or you) goes down and know you can ALWAYS start over.

I'll just be over here.jpg

There is a point when the happy go lucky person you used to be transforms into angry Ernie with a knife. Always pull the pin before you turn into angry Ernie. How happy (or unhappy) you are in your career creates a ripple effect that flows out and into your relationships. Be careful of what that ripple holds.

you better not fuck with us.jpg

Life can last a long time and that’s a long time to be unhappy if you’re in a career you don’t enjoy. Best to find something you might love than staying in something you know you loathe.

Ignoring your own impending doom is never the smartest strategy and I did this for a long time. And the funny thing is, I was a strategist.

don't forget you're here forever.png

I wish I’d had the courage to look deeper into myself and my discontent much earlier. On a positive note, I’m on a mission to share this knowledge and the benefit of my own hindsight with others.

not all learning.gif

Since making my career change from strategy to spirituality, my Mondays aren’t a walk in the park, but they are definitely more like this.

can't wait to learn.gif

I no longer fear Monday on a Sunday night, I look forward to it.

So whether you’ve had the Monday blues for a week, a month or a year, don’t sit on your hands and wait for your world to change. Listen to your intuition, get up and be the one who knocks.

As the great Walter White once wisely said, don’t be scared of the danger, BE THE DANGER.

i am the danger.gif

Because even if you’re a bit bruised and beaten by the end of it, you’ll still win.

I won.gif

Courtney Beck is an author, channel, healer and former strategist who uses her intuitive and strategic abilities to help people find their way in life. She offers absent healings, guidance sessions and mentoring


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Earlier this year I had a very strange experience reminiscent of the upside down, and I want to tell you about it. Normally I'd keep this stuff to myself, but I have vowed to share more this year, unfiltered. And YOLO. 

Welcome to...

the upside down.jpg

Since I was a kid, I've always seen ghosts and had strange experiences, but none stranger than the night the wall next to my bed disappeared to reveal a strange, red rocky landscape that was close enough to touch. 

I don't live in Sedona, near a desert, don't do drugs and I was definitely awake. This is my honest account of a few things I've experienced in the last year. 

The night I saw the red desert, you might think this was how I reacted...


But it was more like this, with less snow, 80's decor and no demogorgans in sight. 


Next time it happens, I want to be like this. Ready to step in and go for a stroll. 

if anyone asks where I am.gif

While this vision of the red desert was only a brief encounter, what I have come to know since then is: 

And there are different versions of ourselves living life in these places. What I have been told is a bomb going off in a parallel place can create a ripple that causes a natural disaster here. Like a tree with multiple branches, there are multiple timelines with different events playing out. 

I have no idea which version holds this strange, red rocky landscape I saw with an orange sky, but somehow I don't think fairy lights are going to get me back there. 

christmas lights.gif

Like the wall to my bedroom fell away that night to reveal this place, these places are closer than we think or can comprehend. In fact, they are just next door. The problem is because we're so stuck in our rational minds, even if we want to go there our minds can't get our head around how to make this wall between us and them disappear. It is possible though and I know this because I've seen it.  

looking through the wall.gif

I only wish I'd been chilled enough at the time to not freak out and keep my eyes open, but it felt a bit like the door of a plane had opened and I wasn't ready to jump out. Unfortunately, at this stage, I am still more Barb than Nancy, but I'm working on that. 


If you can understand that everything around us is energy, if you watch and you're open, you can see ripples in our world that will instantly make you question if what we're seeing is as real as we think it is. 

Just last week I saw a candle (not the flame) ripple and then the table underneath it did the same, causing a bend in the table. I closed my eyes, blinked, looked away and no matter what I did, the rippling did not change. This went on for 15 minutes and I was not high. I was standing in our loungeroom and it was around 9pm. 

eyes opening.gif

You might think I'm crazy, or you might be crazy enough to believe me, but what I saw was real. The red, rocky desert and the rippling candle. 

If you want to reach these places or have a chance at seeing them, I would keep these three things in mind: 

When we're drifting off to sleep, we are relaxed and open. This is when the world we live in starts to ripple and blend with the other worlds we can go to during our dreams. If you can set your intention to be open to whatever comes your way, you may just find that wall next to you fade away. 

When you understand this you'll see everything around you is alive and the energy has just manifested itself physically in different ways. Just as an object can be hard, if you know it's just energy, it can become soft. Watch for the ripples. 

If I've learnt anything in the last year it's that we know nothing. Nothing. Where we believe we have this world pegged and we might do, there's another world just next door that could literally tip our lives upside down. And what's happening there is without a doubt having an effect on here. We just can't see the action there that creates a reaction here. 

why are you keeping.gif

This might be the strangest article I've published, but as I said, this is the year I vowed I would share everything. So welcome to my blog, an unfiltered account of the stranger things I have and am experiencing. Please come back if you've enjoyed it. There is more to come...

Courtney Beck is an author, channel and healer who splits her time between here and the upside down. Apart from writing books, she offers guidance and healing for those seeking something a bit different.   



Healing. We all need it, but what does healing really mean? 

When I tell people I do healing work, the responses I get range from this... 


To this... 

but what does it mean.jpg

When I explain why we all need healing, their expression swiftly moves to... 

oh shit .jpg

I want to share a few of the bigger reasons why you might want to consider seeing a healer today.

1. We are way more messed up than what we realise and there are some things a doctor or masseuse can't fix, like...removing entities. Not even joking. 


Yes, this stuff is real and seeing a healer is way more 'Hogwarts' than 'House', but that is exciting! Did you know the most common places to pick up 'spirit attachments' are in bars and hospitals? Having a spirit attached to you is very common and spirits can also be attached to houses and objects. Whether a spirit is attached to you, your house or that creepy doll your grandma gave you, all can have an effect (and power) over your day to day life and mental/physical health.

Get that shit removed. 

welcome to hogwarts.jpg

2. There are fears you're carrying from this life and also past lives that are weird, unnecessary and can be shifted.
Sometimes our parents do crazy things that completely mess up our adult lives. Sometimes our parents in our past lives have done crazy things that continue to mess up our lives. Maybe you died in a drowning and in this life you have a fear of water. Maybe you died in the plague and you are now a germaphobe obsessed with hand washing. There is baggage you're carrying that isn't yours anymore and it is heavy. See a healer and get rid of it. 

current life fears.jpg

3. Trauma is not only stored in the deep recesses of our mind but in the tissue of our body.
Those aches, pains and scars you have can be representative of trauma encountered not only in this life but in others. Scars can be a reminder of how you passed on from another life and that trauma sits there in our cells until we remove it. A healer can help you do this. 

sending yall positive energy.png

Seeing a healer can be weird and unexpected, but it could be one of the greatest things you ever do. If you think of the world we can see and the world we can't, we really only have control over what we can see, which is why we need healers to help us see what we can't. Unseen wounds, unseen trauma and strange fears and feelings that don't have a reason to exist anymore can all be kicked to the curb with the right help. 

What weird hangups or feelings do you have that can't be explained? Or maybe you can explain them, but you just want them gone?

If you've ever thought about seeing a healer, do it. You may be very surprised and grateful for what you find. Oh, and you may feel a little bit lighter because life is heavy, but it's even heavier when you're carrying stuff that isn't yours. 

Courtney Beck is an author, channel and healer who offers spiritual guidance and absent healings to those who are more Hogwarts than House. 



When I feel lost, I turn to reading, podcasts and John Mayer. Alongside my favourite spiritual guides, John has been a guide throughout my teenage and adult years. I know that sounds funny, but his words speak to me in a way that no other musicians can. 

I have a lot to thank John for. He helped me through coming out in my early 20's, my quarter-life crisis in my late 20's and more recently my spiritual awakening in my 30's. 

Overnight I received an email from someone who spoke of feeling a sadness with no rhyme or reason why. It reminded me of one of my favourite John Mayer songs, 'Something's Missing'. 

As the chorus goes...

Something's missing
And I don't know how to fix it
Something's missing
And I don't know what it is

No I don't know what it is
At all

What I have come to know is that there is something missing for a lot of us. The tricky thing is, how do you solve a problem you can't actually define? Solving what we can see, feel or touch is easy. Solving what is unseen is much harder, but also much more valuable to us in the long run.

When responding to this email and trying to define what I could do to help, it made me think of a few reasons why a deep longing, sadness or pain can exist without an identifiable reason. 

We are yet to find our purpose
We can be good at so many things, but if we haven't found our purpose, even what we're good at can make us feel empty. It's like putting a puzzle together only to find you're missing the last few pieces. It doesn't matter how good the puzzle looks, if you can't complete it, then what's the point, right?

Those pieces exist, sometimes we just need to be reminded of where to look. 

I'd like to think.jpg

We've got wounds we don't even know exist
Beneath our skin and in our minds, hearts and souls we carry wounds not only from this life but from others. Just because we have a new body doesn't mean the wounds of old aren't sitting there weeping and making this life even harder. 

Knowing we all have unseen wounds means we can start treating them. All of the pain and sadness you feel has a source. All of the fears we have, conscious or unconscious have a reason. Everything can be undone if we know and understand where it has come from. 

I'm in repair.jpg

Sometimes we know where we want to end up, but we don't know where to start
Even when you know your purpose, can see your wounds and you're sitting on your loungeroom listening to John Mayer waiting for a sign, you can still need help finding your way. Getting help is ok and even though your soul might be 3,000 years old, in this life you might still be 33. 

If you're feeling like something's missing, know that there are people out there who can help you find your way. Know that it's ok to wander on your own too. Know that how you feel may not just be the product of this life, but the product of many, that everything you feel is reversible and the hole you may feel in your heart today may not be there tomorrow. 

Life on this strange little place called Earth is a riddle, but one that can be solved and that's the adventure of being here. 

Courtney Beck is an author, channel, healer and coach who is a lifelong seeker now helping others find their way. 

don't be scared to walk alone .jpg


falling into other worlds.gif

It's funny. As a strategist, my job was always to know everything. I could 'master' an industry in days or even hours if need be and I was proud of my ability to do that. Getting to the crux of the problem for brands and clients was life for me.

In a way, that's what I still do now, but now I work with people's problems. Problems from this life, problems from past lives and everything in between. And if I've learned anything over the last year, it's that I know nothing. 

It was when my career had lost its meaning and joy that I decided to leave all that was logical behind and throw myself into a wonderland I may never fully understand or return from. 

fuck this shit.jpg

And a bit like Alice, the further I travel into these mysterious other worlds, the more topsy-turvy it and I become. Where former coffee conversations were brands and briefs, I now find myself talking about parallel universes and past lives. 

why sometimes.jpg

What I have gotten better at is freefalling and not trying to even bother getting my bearings, because every new conversation or experience I have leads to even more questions and answers.

If I've started this journey, I may as well sip espresso on the way down. 

alice falling.gif

While all of this has been incredible and frequently leaves me shaking my head, there are still some days when I miss the world I used to live in where common sense reigned and everything I knew could be put into a powerpoint presentation. 

LSD fuelled hell.jpg

Life is not what we expect, but the more open-minded we can be to what we don't know, the more we can discover about ourselves, our potential and the thin veil that hides the world most people will never see. 

What I do now for a job isn't journeying into the world of clients and their brands, I journey into other worlds. Known by Shamans as the upper, middle and lower worlds, I visit each for a different reason for myself and on behalf of other people. 

To explain what 'journeying' is, it's a bit like a trance induced meditation where you walk out your front door, leave this world and go to another which is something that Shamans have done for thousands of years, but not something talked about in mainstream circles. 

get in the car alice.jpg

Every morning when I wake up, I journey to the upper world to see Krishna, which is basically the otherworldly version of a WIP (work in progress) meeting. Krishna asks me how I am, what I've got on my mind or am battling with and where I'm at with my 2nd book. Sometimes I go for a healing and sometimes we just chat which is always fascinating and eye-opening. 


In the lower world, I visit my guides and power animals. Yep, power animals. In case you didn't know, we all have guides and a team of power animals who are there to help us on our journey here on Earth. In the lower world, I work with an owl, a dragon, a Shaman and a whole host of other people including an amazing Aztec priestess called Marianna. 

A few months ago I would never have dreamed or had the ovaries of steel to be talking about this stuff, but...


The middle world is somewhere I tend to avoid as this is where spirits tend to hang out. E.g. People who are still floating around somewhere between here and Earth. If I do ever need to go I always take a guide with me as you never know who or what you'll encounter in this world. 

forest .jpg

The amazing thing for me is where I always knew what every day would bring in my former life, my new life presents an exciting and perplexing journey daily. And for each world that exists, in the reality I know now is I'm only at the beginning of this journey into wonderland. 

The old me used to save all of these stories from other places for dinner with my closest friends, but given that this is my own personal year of the dragon, I've made it my mission to begin sharing these adventures in other places with people outside of my circles.  

What I hope these stories and insights will do is open your mind to all that you don't know and excite you as to what's possible here and in other worlds if you're mad enough to come with me and give it a go. 

And as Vincent Van Gogh once said, "Normality is a paved road: It's comfortable to walk but no flowers grow." 

Courtney Beck is an author, channel and coach who ventures into other worlds to help other people find their way. 

there is a place.jpg