When I worked in advertising and before my ‘spiritual awakening’, people would often ask me what I would do after strategy?

”I want someone to give me a lab so I can learn all of the information in the world and then share it.”

People’s response:

ok meme.jpg

Me inside:

take over the world.jpg

The thing is, I was deadly serious.

I had spent my whole career chasing my dream job as a strategy director, pegging all of my happiness on it, only to reach it, have a total breakdown and question EVERYTHING.


What I did know is that I loved learning and helping people, which is where my crazy lab idea came from.

In an effort to clear out my mind of too many deep thoughts I started meditating.

Cue spiritual awakening where I start channeling spirits and can literally ask any question in the world and receive an answer.

mind blown.gif

While my job now isn’t quite as straightforward as sitting in a lab in a leather chair, I have channeled/written three books on the meaning of life and I work with people sharing my spiritual and strategic knowledge to help them find themselves.

The universe has a funny way of rewarding us when we get out of our own way.

When I’m not working, I sit in my lounge room or the wardrobe and download books as many books into my brain as possible. I am on a perpetual search for answers and I happily share any knowledge I’ve acquired with the people I meet.

Life will not serve you up your dreams on a silver platter, but if you are brave enough to say it out loud, anything can happen.

Helping others find their magic is my mission and if you’re curious about how I help people do this, drop me a line on my website here.

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