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I am a hopeless romantic and I always have been. 

Growing up, my idea of what love should be like was heavily influenced by 90's movies such as Sleepless In Seattle, You've Got Mail and Four Weddings & A Funeral.

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks were my unofficial tutors in learning the game of love.  


However, when it came to passion, I pushed Meg and Tom aside for Salt N Pepa and the likes of 'Shoop', 'Push It' and 'Whatta Man'. 

What can I say? The 90's provided me with some good teachers. 

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What the 90's embedded in my young mind was a strong desire to find the love of my life on top of a building somewhere, with all the passion and sexuality of a Salt n Pepa song. 

I don't think it was just pop culture though that made me believe this. It was a deep knowing in my soul that someone was out there for me and I knew unequivocally if I kept searching, I would find them and we would be MFEO (made for each other). 

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Lucky I trusted that instinct because I did meet my Meg Ryan, but it took some dedication and creativity to find her. We didn't meet on top of a building, we met on my blog 'Reasons to date Courtney Beck' which was created to help me find my dream woman.

Funnily enough, as destiny would have it, meeting Jules had already been foretold by a clairvoyant a few years earlier. What I still think about today is whether I would have met Jules without my blog. Maybe we would have met somewhere randomly, maybe advertising myself as a potential date was the path I was always going to travel down? Who knows? I do believe it was destined to happen.

What's been interesting since my spiritual awakening and announcing to the world that I channel guidance from the spirit realm, is the realisation that everything I thought about love and destiny is actually true.

There is someone out there for us who is our perfect match. I know this because every time I do a guidance session relating to a person's love life, the guides never hold back in telling me the right person is out there. Not in a general 'there's plenty of fish in the sea' kind of way but in a cosmic, MFEO way. 

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The guides never tend to give names, because where's the fun in that?! But they always give characteristics, qualities and the potential places you might meet.

For those who ask, the guides always tell. Why? Because sometimes you're with the wrong person or maybe you're looking in the wrong place altogether. 

When the clairvoyant told me all those years ago told me I'd meet a beautiful, kind and loyal woman who would make me feel like no other, I knew it could happen, but I didn't believe she was describing an actual, real woman. Listening to the cassette tape years later, she perfectly described Jules's personality, physical features, career and her qualities.

Now I'm in the biz of delivering cosmic messages, I know it's possible to see who is coming because I see it daily. I get a real sense of who the person is and how the meeting will occur. It makes me smile every time it happens. 

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If you are unsure if the person you're with is right for you, chances are they're not. So often we make decisions in our lives because 'they make sense', not because they're right.

So often the best things in our life are worth waiting for, but when it comes to love, sometimes you need to break up with the wrong person in order to meet the right person. 

If you're single, know there is someone out there for you, but also be aware they may not be the person you are expecting. If I had of ignored my intuition, I could have waited for Tom Hanks forever when all I really wanted was Meg Ryan.

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The nature of destiny is to have faith that it will happen, but now you know for sure someone there is someone out there who is made for you. 

If you're a little impatient though, feel free to get in touch. 

Courtney Beck is an author, channel and coach who loves bad 90's rom coms and helping people find their life purpose and soul mate. 

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