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When I was young, I suffered severely with asthma and spent a lot of time in hospital.

This is me during most of my childhood… with my nebuliser mask on.

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One night Mum and Dad took me to dinner at a family friend’s place and while we were there I suffered an asthma attack. Normally this meant a swift trip to the hospital, however, this friend offered to put her hands on my chest. She was a reiki master.

Instantly my asthma calmed, without strong medication.


It was practically the next day Mum and Dad enrolled my sister and I in a reiki course and I have never looked back.

What that night helped me realise was that I had power over my health and how I lived my life. No longer was I at the mercy of this illness that constricted my lungs, I had power over it and that changed everything.

Btw, I’m not saying that ‘Reiki’ and other forms of energetic healing are the dark side, I just enjoy theming my blog posts and today happens to be a Darth Vader kind of day.

Btw, I’m not saying that ‘Reiki’ and other forms of energetic healing are the dark side, I just enjoy theming my blog posts and today happens to be a Darth Vader kind of day.

As human beings, the problem most of us have is that our minds are closed off to non-traditional healing. We just accept that our minds and bodies are just the way they are. For better or for worse, what we have is what we have. This is not the case though. Just as playdough is malleable, so are we, we just need the right help to shift what we face on a daily basis.

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Since I discovered reiki at 14, I have gone on to become a reiki master, but I’ve also been privileged to study various other kinds of energy work through other healers (not on this plane).

What I have come to learn and understand is our own potential to heal is limitless and the healing energy the universe can provide us is limitless. We do not need to accept the physical, mental or emotional ailments we have. What we must accept is nothing is set in stone.

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The reason I love working with people as a healer is seeing the results people can achieve. Results they would never have thought possible. I think often we don’t know what has been weighing us down until that weight has been released. It’s only then we can feel free.

If we can be open-minded to the powers that surround us and to the people who can help lift that load, our own universe can become a very different place quite quickly.

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Just as that reiki master helped me realise that with the right help I could heal myself, I hope you can realise this too. The reality you know now does not need to be the reality you face tomorrow. You just need to use the force.

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There are healers from all walks of life all around the world who can help you. Find one you resonate with and ask them questions about what they do and how they work.

If I can leave you with 3 pieces of advice to consider:

  1. Get to know your dark side
    You’ve got to know your Darth to find your inner Yoda.
  2. Know that ‘the force’ is mysterious
    Be ok with not knowing or understanding how certain healing methods work. Life is mysterious and if you’re getting benefits, amazing! Just accept that.
  3. Trust
    Trust that there are people who can help you. You just need to find them and be open enough to tell them what you are facing.

Embrace your dark side, embrace the possibility of change and see what wonders ‘the force’ can bring you.

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Courtney Beck is an author, channel and healer who was always drawn to the dark side as a child, but ended up fighting for the light. She offers channeled spiritual guidance and absent healing for those seeking the force. You can find her here: