Hey friends!

I need your help, please.

In June 2017, I self-funded and released my first book, Conversations with Krishna which has had 5-star reviews. By December 2017/January 2018 I am hoping to release my 2nd book, Conversations with Krishna: Awakened Souls

Where Conversations with Krishna is a manual for life on Earth, Awakened Souls is all about you, the path to enlightenment and how to reach your highest potential. With never seen before chapters, Awakened Souls is the 2nd beautiful and life-changing text from Krishna. 


  • In December 2016 I walked away from a successful and busy strategy career working with local and global brands to invest my time and skills into helping people. Brands are great, but people are way more amazing. This decision has made me 100% happier and more fulfilled, but definitely not rich. 
  • The book publishing process isn't cheap. Time writing means time not getting paid. There's also editing, cover design and the versions it takes to get it to the final proof. Not to mention marketing so that people know it exists. Conversations with Krishna cost me thousands to write, prepare, release and promote and I did it on a bare bones budget. Due to my career change and #life, unfortunately, I don't have the cash this time around. 
  • Krishna's teachings are special and anyone who has read Conversations with Krishna can tell you that. This 2nd book is absolutely magical and after 112 chapters of writing and being so close to completion, I don't want it sitting on my laptop. I want it out in the world, but I need your help! 
  • Conversations with Krishna (book 1) is still in its infancy and my marketing budget is the equivalent of a couple of cups of coffee a week which is nowhere near enough to give it the push it needs to fly. 

My goal in life is to use everything I know and have experienced to help more people realise their dreams. This work is really important to me. So whether you love Conversations with Krishna or you just want to throw your support behind someone ballsy (and crazy) enough to believe they can make a difference in this world, please donate. Your support means the world to me and in moments of doubt when I think 'Maybe I'll just go back to strategy', it's the encouragement of my friends, family and colleagues that keeps me going. 

The more support I have the faster I can get this amazing book off my laptop and out into the world! 

If you'd like to secure of digital copy of Awakened Souls, or just throw a few dollars towards helping me publish the book, you can donate to my GoFundMe here

Big love and thank you,

Court x