Healing. We all need it, but what does healing really mean? 

When I tell people I do healing work, the responses I get range from this... 


To this... 

but what does it mean.jpg

When I explain why we all need healing, their expression swiftly moves to... 

oh shit .jpg

I want to share a few of the bigger reasons why you might want to consider seeing a healer today.

1. We are way more messed up than what we realise and there are some things a doctor or masseuse can't fix, like...removing entities. Not even joking. 


Yes, this stuff is real and seeing a healer is way more 'Hogwarts' than 'House', but that is exciting! Did you know the most common places to pick up 'spirit attachments' are in bars and hospitals? Having a spirit attached to you is very common and spirits can also be attached to houses and objects. Whether a spirit is attached to you, your house or that creepy doll your grandma gave you, all can have an effect (and power) over your day to day life and mental/physical health.

Get that shit removed. 

welcome to hogwarts.jpg

2. There are fears you're carrying from this life and also past lives that are weird, unnecessary and can be shifted.
Sometimes our parents do crazy things that completely mess up our adult lives. Sometimes our parents in our past lives have done crazy things that continue to mess up our lives. Maybe you died in a drowning and in this life you have a fear of water. Maybe you died in the plague and you are now a germaphobe obsessed with hand washing. There is baggage you're carrying that isn't yours anymore and it is heavy. See a healer and get rid of it. 

current life fears.jpg

3. Trauma is not only stored in the deep recesses of our mind but in the tissue of our body.
Those aches, pains and scars you have can be representative of trauma encountered not only in this life but in others. Scars can be a reminder of how you passed on from another life and that trauma sits there in our cells until we remove it. A healer can help you do this. 

sending yall positive energy.png

Seeing a healer can be weird and unexpected, but it could be one of the greatest things you ever do. If you think of the world we can see and the world we can't, we really only have control over what we can see, which is why we need healers to help us see what we can't. Unseen wounds, unseen trauma and strange fears and feelings that don't have a reason to exist anymore can all be kicked to the curb with the right help. 

What weird hangups or feelings do you have that can't be explained? Or maybe you can explain them, but you just want them gone?

If you've ever thought about seeing a healer, do it. You may be very surprised and grateful for what you find. Oh, and you may feel a little bit lighter because life is heavy, but it's even heavier when you're carrying stuff that isn't yours. 

Courtney Beck is an author, channel and healer who offers spiritual guidance and absent healings to those who are more Hogwarts than House.