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It's funny. As a strategist, my job was always to know everything. I could 'master' an industry in days or even hours if need be and I was proud of my ability to do that. Getting to the crux of the problem for brands and clients was life for me.

In a way, that's what I still do now, but now I work with people's problems. Problems from this life, problems from past lives and everything in between. And if I've learned anything over the last year, it's that I know nothing. 

It was when my career had lost its meaning and joy that I decided to leave all that was logical behind and throw myself into a wonderland I may never fully understand or return from. 

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And a bit like Alice, the further I travel into these mysterious other worlds, the more topsy-turvy it and I become. Where former coffee conversations were brands and briefs, I now find myself talking about parallel universes and past lives. 

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What I have gotten better at is freefalling and not trying to even bother getting my bearings, because every new conversation or experience I have leads to even more questions and answers.

If I've started this journey, I may as well sip espresso on the way down. 

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While all of this has been incredible and frequently leaves me shaking my head, there are still some days when I miss the world I used to live in where common sense reigned and everything I knew could be put into a powerpoint presentation. 

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Life is not what we expect, but the more open-minded we can be to what we don't know, the more we can discover about ourselves, our potential and the thin veil that hides the world most people will never see. 

What I do now for a job isn't journeying into the world of clients and their brands, I journey into other worlds. Known by Shamans as the upper, middle and lower worlds, I visit each for a different reason for myself and on behalf of other people. 

To explain what 'journeying' is, it's a bit like a trance induced meditation where you walk out your front door, leave this world and go to another which is something that Shamans have done for thousands of years, but not something talked about in mainstream circles. 

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Every morning when I wake up, I journey to the upper world to see Krishna, which is basically the otherworldly version of a WIP (work in progress) meeting. Krishna asks me how I am, what I've got on my mind or am battling with and where I'm at with my 2nd book. Sometimes I go for a healing and sometimes we just chat which is always fascinating and eye-opening. 


In the lower world, I visit my guides and power animals. Yep, power animals. In case you didn't know, we all have guides and a team of power animals who are there to help us on our journey here on Earth. In the lower world, I work with an owl, a dragon, a Shaman and a whole host of other people including an amazing Aztec priestess called Marianna. 

A few months ago I would never have dreamed or had the ovaries of steel to be talking about this stuff, but...


The middle world is somewhere I tend to avoid as this is where spirits tend to hang out. E.g. People who are still floating around somewhere between here and Earth. If I do ever need to go I always take a guide with me as you never know who or what you'll encounter in this world. 

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The amazing thing for me is where I always knew what every day would bring in my former life, my new life presents an exciting and perplexing journey daily. And for each world that exists, in the reality I know now is I'm only at the beginning of this journey into wonderland. 

The old me used to save all of these stories from other places for dinner with my closest friends, but given that this is my own personal year of the dragon, I've made it my mission to begin sharing these adventures in other places with people outside of my circles.  

What I hope these stories and insights will do is open your mind to all that you don't know and excite you as to what's possible here and in other worlds if you're mad enough to come with me and give it a go. 

And as Vincent Van Gogh once said, "Normality is a paved road: It's comfortable to walk but no flowers grow." 

Courtney Beck is an author, channel and coach who ventures into other worlds to help other people find their way. 

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