If there was one meme to accurately describe my spiritual awakening it would be this one. 

well that escalated.jpg

One day I was a strategist with a very secure job, life and a house by Sydney harbour and the next I had written a spiritual book, started doing healing/messenger work and quit my job.

What can I say? 

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People often ask me about the work I do now and I thought I would share some of that today.

Some days I channel messages from the other side for people and other days I do healing work. What happens in between is never dull. 

When it comes to the in person healing work I do, it can be anything from this: Blissful, relaxing, eye-opening and insightful. Some people even say it's a bit like being on LSD.

anchorman bliss .gif

To this...

I'm in a glass case of emotion.gif

This generally represents past life baggage, pain or entities (spirits that hang out in our bodies) that need to be released. You know all those weird fears you have but you have no idea how you got them? Welcome to past life trauma that is being stored in your body. 

There's no shortage of water cooler conversations or things to talk about at your next dinner party after having had a healing session. Talk of the weather is quickly replaced by topics such as that time you were a witch and burnt at the stake, that old hip injury which is actually from that time you got run over by a Roman chariot or even the entity we released from your body that has been inside you for 35 lives. Don't even get me started on parallel universes or timelines because we'll be here forever.

say whatttt.jpg

How does all this happen? Well, I place my hands on the body and tune in to see who wants to come through and what's ready to come up. Some days I work with a badass Aztec Priestess who is ridiculously powerful and other days a quiet monk. Some days it's Hindu or Egyptian deities and other days it's your team of spirit guides. 

Whatever comes up we work through it and release it. Sometimes it takes one session and other times we need more than that. Really it depends on what you are ready for and how fast we can work, but the goal is always to release as much as possible so you can just be free to live in the now.

Getting off the treatment table people respond in one of two ways: 

Exhibit A: Full of love, gratitude and insight


Exhibit B: On another planet, mind blown, still processing and need to sit down for a cup of tea

i love lamp.jpg

To be honest, I love both. Healing work, both in person and via distance is something I love doing and its always a thrill ride from the beginning to the end. 

When it comes to the guidance/messenger work I do, it's all about finding the path forward for you so you don't need to fumble around in the dark for years or numb the pain with too many scotches...


My job is to tap into the reason you were delivered here as a baby on Earth. Nothing happens by chance and we all have a role to play. It's my job is to tune in to the other side, find out what that role is and deliver that message to you. 

You might be a healer, teacher, guide, traveller, warrior or any number of ancient roles that can be manifested in very modern ways. Just because we live in the modern world doesn't mean the spirit guides will tell you your purpose on Earth is to be an IT Consultant. 

I think one of the biggest things we forget and need to remember is we've done life here on Earth many times before. Each time we come back to do something slightly different, but we're the same soul, just with a different body. Those weird fears you have, know they come from somewhere and they don't need to stick around forever. You can release them. 

The sense of purpose you feel is real, every one of us has an important part to play. You just don't remember what it is you're here to do. All the answers are there waiting for you, you just need a way to get to them. And don't forget... 

you're kind of a big deal.jpg

Courtney Beck is an author, channel and coach who would communicate entirely in memes if she could.