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It’s often the brightest people who are most unsure of their potential and carry a deep pain they do not allow others to see.

For many years working in strategy, I suffered with imposter syndrome. Convinced I’d slipped in the back door somehow and was never supposed to be there, even though I was working on multi-million dollar briefs with a near perfect track record.

My whole life I have believed I needed to work harder than other people to succeed, that if I could just outlast everyone else I could win. This has of course turned me into a workaholic which has been lovely for my partners, past and present.

I don’t know where my lack of self-worth came from, as my parents were always ridiculously supportive of my younger sister and I chasing our dreams, but since I came out of the womb I have felt the need to lead a perfect life. My biggest pet hate up until recently was showing any ounce of weakness. What this perpetual need to be perfect created was a perfect storm of mental and physical fatigue, mixed with an obsessive need to keep becoming stronger every day.

My silent mantra in advertising was ‘You’re only as good as you were yesterday. Work harder’.

While a part of me loved the adrenalin of solving big problems in an ever shorter amount of time, it broke me. When my partner Jules became unwell back in 2016 I continued to work at the pace I always had, caring for her and our daughter Isabella on top. I refused to believe that I needed to change my pace and even turned to smart drugs to support my lack of sleep so I could keep up the ridiculous expectations I had set for myself.

I’ve had a fear of failure my whole life and it’s still something I’m trying to understand. Like an onion, it has layers.

Jules becoming sick put life in perspective for me in a way that nothing else had. And as we scrambled to find help and could find none, I turned back to spirituality and the lifelong healing abilities I’d had, but always denied to help heal the woman I love. It was here that I found my purpose.

I was a great strategist, however, there is a difference between being great at something and finding what drives you at a soul level.

And when my advertising life fell away, my new life began when I embraced my ability to work with spirits to help heal others. My greatest joy and purpose was born out of my heaviest pain. Life’s funny, huh?

When I work with my clients today I am honest. What’s funny to me is that in the beginning, a lot of them believe that I am perfect. I smile as I write this because after a few weeks of working together and them getting to know me better, they realise I too am a work in progress. I too am broken, just as all of us are. But like Kintsukuroi, I believe that our cracks are what make us beautiful and more empathetic to the journey of others around us.


What I give my clients is the opportunity to be very real with me and to not have to hide their cracks like I hid mine for so many years. What we work on together is understanding and healing those cracks so we can turn them from glue into gold.

What spirituality has given me is the appreciation that for all of the pain life offers, it serves a purpose and that is to help us grow and learn about who we are. From pain comes beauty and the greatest gift you can give yourself is the time you need to heal.

When we realise that to become who we really are, we need to put down our armour and our masks, that’s when we truly step into our power. When you stop hiding and start allowing yourself to be seen is when so many worries start falling away.

Find the people who want to see you and who love you for exactly who you are, not the image you have sold into them. The less time we spend on up-keeping our image the more we have to just be ourselves, and what a relief that would be!

I want to end on a passage from Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet (one of my favourite books) on Joy & Sorrow. If you want to chat, reach out. My gift has always been seeing the potential in others when they cannot see it themselves. You can find me here.




When I worked in advertising and before my ‘spiritual awakening’, people would often ask me what I would do after strategy?

”I want someone to give me a lab so I can learn all of the information in the world and then share it.”

People’s response:

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Me inside:

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The thing is, I was deadly serious.

I had spent my whole career chasing my dream job as a strategy director, pegging all of my happiness on it, only to reach it, have a total breakdown and question EVERYTHING.


What I did know is that I loved learning and helping people, which is where my crazy lab idea came from.

In an effort to clear out my mind of too many deep thoughts I started meditating.

Cue spiritual awakening where I start channeling spirits and can literally ask any question in the world and receive an answer.

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While my job now isn’t quite as straightforward as sitting in a lab in a leather chair, I have channeled/written three books on the meaning of life and I work with people sharing my spiritual and strategic knowledge to help them find themselves.

The universe has a funny way of rewarding us when we get out of our own way.

When I’m not working, I sit in my lounge room or the wardrobe and download books as many books into my brain as possible. I am on a perpetual search for answers and I happily share any knowledge I’ve acquired with the people I meet.

Life will not serve you up your dreams on a silver platter, but if you are brave enough to say it out loud, anything can happen.

Helping others find their magic is my mission and if you’re curious about how I help people do this, drop me a line on my website here.

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Tales of intuition tend to come in two different versions: Foresight and hindsight.

Foresight = Your intuition told you something, you listened and were ‘saved’ from a bad situation.

Hindsight = Your intuition told you something, you didn’t listen and something bad happened.

What do we do with these mythical and mystical tales of our divine brushes with intuition? We tell them at dinner parties once we’ve had a few wines and it’s the ‘ghost story’ segment of the evening.

The trouble with this? We begin the conversation about the power of intuition, but then we go back to our normal, everyday lives the next day and never delve any further into the strange inner siren that screams at us in the most important moments of our lives.

For a lot of people, intuition is like bigfoot. A strange and unknowable creature that lurches out of the forest on a quiet, beautiful day and then disappears again.

It doesn’t need to be this way though. Intuition isn’t a myth and while may seem magic, it’s magic we can learn how to use to live our best lives. We just need to understand it a bit better.

Here’s three things to help you better understand your intuition:

1. IT’S AVAILABLE 24/7: Unlike those legendary dinner party stories of foresight and hindsight, your intuition is actually available to you 24/7 like your favourite fast food restaurant. All you’ve got to do is drive up to the window and ask. What you need to learn is how to get to the restaurant so you can eat delicious insights and wisdom forever.

2. IT’S MORE LIKE YODA THAN BIGFOOT: We all have that one friend that’s like an oracle. Your intuition is that friend times a thousand. Like Yoda, your intuition wants to guide you and give you mysterious things to ponder. And unlike Bigfoot, your intuition isn’t hiding from you, it wants to be found. What you need to do is change your understanding of intuition so it can move from freaky experience to friend.

3. THERE’S A METHOD TO THE MAGIC: What is magic to the audience is method to the magician. While your intuition can seem as magical as David Copperfield, the veil can be lifted to reveal a methodology that makes the magic accessible to anybody (with a bit of practice of course).

We can allow spirituality and ‘spiritual abilities’ to be shrouded in mystery or we can teach the methodology so we can all have a bit more practical magic in our lives. This is why I have started Spirit School. A school that takes what seems like magic and teaches you the methodology.

The first course we are offering is one on connecting with and amplifying your intuition. Without giving too much away, what we give you is a deeper understanding of your intuition and a clear methodology of how to access and work with it. The magic and the twist, because it wouldn’t be Spirit School without it? The course content has been written by a spirit and like a good student, scribed by me.

So if you’ve ever wanted to learn about spiritual things from a spirit themself, this is the closest you’ll get to Hogwarts in this physical plane.

From what my spiritual and spirit teachers have taught me, developing and opening up to your intuition is the first step to understanding the secrets of the universe and why we are here. What we’re giving you at Spirit School are ways to access the drive through window 24/7.

If you’re hungry for wisdom, magic and methodology, you’ll find us here.

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The sooner we get over our need to kill or harm everything we fear or don't understand, the sooner we can get back to living harmoniously and peacefully. It's a simple concept, but one we can never seem to get right. The answer? Start small and start today.